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Behavioral Grace

Empowering Families: Culturally Sensitive Behavior Mentoring for a Brighter Tomorrow

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide behavioral support to parents/guardians by providing a culturally
sensitive person-centered approach. Our vision is twofold: 1) maintain adequately trained staff
and 2) provide quality behavior mentoring for the parents of the individuals we support.
Maintaining the dignity and respect of individuals with developmental disabilities and their
families is paramount to our Behavior Mentoring Services.   Keeping our approach constructive,
non-aversive, and evidence-based, our services are individualized to suit each individual’s needs
and is provided within the person’s home and community setting. 

It is our mission to provide efficient behavioral mentoring to parents/caregivers utilizing the
scientifically proven teaching strategy Behavior Skills Training (BST) within the home and
community setting. BST consists of the Tell, Show, do method where the parents/caregivers are
provided with the immediate feedback on how to teach a skill. It is explained to them, modeled,
and then practice the skill until mastery.

Each family will receive a person-centered and individualized approach when developing
the action plan. However, the core skills will be taught to each family based on their individual
need. The core skills will be broken into two sub-categories: 1) skill building 2) behavioral
support. On occasion, self-help skills will be provided if these skills are needed to provide full
support (e.g., dressing, brushing teeth, clean up routine).

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