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Ways to change behavior

Dr. Sarah Nicole Consulting provides three forms of learning behavior analytic skills to change behavior. The first process is through individual online consultations; the second process is through trainings; and the third process is through self-paced videos. This section highlights the first two (i.e., online consultation and workshops).

Online Consultation 

Online consultation provides a individualized person centered approach. Based on the values and the goals of the client behavioral strategies derived from acceptance commitment therapy, behavior skills training, and principles of Behavior Analysis are utilized.

I have been blessed to work in the field of Behavior Analysis 2006. I have worked several positions from direct care staff, supervisor, and supervisor of BCBA's in training, and conducting quality assurance for behavioral programs and systems. The approach I take when providing consultation is by first listening, observing, and then troubleshooting together. My philosophy is that the training is for you and not me; therefore, it is important for my teaching strategies to adapt and not just have me imposing my ideas in thoughts. 

It is important to note that change takes time but with the right tools you will see progress towards the ultimate goal. 

Support in Breaking the cycle of  generational an trauma based discipline styles 

Troubleshooting through current strategies used to achieve desired results

Supporting in achieving cohesiveness among different households

A tv that has ABC on it

Teaching new behavioral strategies 

Creating routines (i.e. bedtime, eating, playing etc.)

Parent Support Options

Advocating for improved behavioral support in daycare/school

Support in teaching new skills (i.e. play and communication)

Helping identify core family values and strategies to achieve them

Navigating through sibling conflict

Creating supportive documents that can be used to provide to school or other family members

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